In construction… Great things yet to come.

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”

Kurt Vonnegut


Spin, Spincraze, Spintrends, Spinaerobics, Spinmoves…

I apologize I have yet to figure out why some soundcloud dashboards will sometimes appear and others not. If you see a blank space after a song, I have not spaced out; it is just that I inserted a playback that somehow doesn’t show.

After those technicalities, is the time for a new routine. This one is very vigourous. If some of your students have weak knees, you might want to insure that they put a proper amount of resistance on (more so that the others) throughout the class or that they stay seated all together (at least during the jumps).
It is a very traditional class besides those jumps. I am still very ambivalent towards gimmics in the routine (jumps, hand games, traveling on the bike, etc.). I use them once so often. I believe they make a class go a bit faster because of the variety that it brings. I don’t believe it adds any physical benefits though. But I still wonder the extent of their hindrance.

Here is the routine:

1) Gotye (Passion Pit Remix), learnalilgivinanlovin (4:35). Warm-up.

2) Scissor Sisters, Only the horses (3:43). Start by increasing the resistance for 1 minute standing flat. Increase to a standing climb for 30 sec. Seat with same resistance for 1 min. Go back to standing for the rest of song.

3) Kylie Minogue, Timebomb (2:57). Series of 4 jumps with resistance of 7. 8, 4, 2 cts twice.

4) Gotye (Tempo Edit), Somebody I used to know (4:03). Start climbing in 3rd. Seat at 2 min.

5) David Guetta & Alesso feat. Tegan & Sara, Every chance we get we run (3:47). Steady, jogging pace in 2nd and 3rd positions.

6) Tegan & Sara, Closer (3:32). Runs in 2nd position at 0:36-0:56; at 1:32-2:01; at 2:29-3:12.

7) Florence + The Machine, Spectrum (5:12). Long hill Climb. 1min per grade increase.

8) M83, Reunion (3:55). Jogs on flats in all positions.

9) Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera (Modjo Mix), Moves like Jagger (4:44). Runs in 2nd. Increase the resistance a touch each time. After each run, take a few seconds and come down to 3rd for isolation work (stabilize the upper body while leaning in 3rd). Run at 1:00-1:31. 3rd and stabilize at 2:00. Run at 2:31-3:02. 3rd and stabilize at 3:34. Run at 4:06-4:36.

10) Obscuresounds mix, Zero Massive Cold Phoenix mashup (3:58). I don’t use that much instrumental music. I like to keep those for cool-downs or for quick focused hills. Rolling hills here: go through all positions and increase resistance a quarter to half a turn. Go through all positions again.

11) imagine Dragons, Amsterdam (4:01). Love this song. Love this city! Finish the rolling hills with a straight hill climb and a long gradual descent until heart rate lowers.

12) Chromatics, cherry (4:32). Cool down.

Nice routine right?


Now answer me if you wish:


(Amanda, SoulCycle mama, you must answer that one! 😉

NO REST until 2013 Spin!

I can’t believe I am actually going to post another routine on the same day. This hasn’t happened since I first started this blog. Working full-time has taken its toll on my writing time!

Here is a routine I did this Monday in my early spin class. I intend on keeping the endurance and intervals up around the holiday. This time is not about building stamina or getting stronger… Let’s admit it: for most, it’s about keeping the pounds off! Endurance and intervals will help you just do that: lengthen the burn, raving up the metabolism, and hopefully keeping hunger at bay… more or less 🙂

Here is the ride:

1) Miike Snow, Pretender (3:34). Pre-class.

2) Django Django, Life’s a beach (3:06). Warm-up.

3) Great White Buffalo, Russian satellite (3:33). Hill in 2nd keeping up with the beat. Bringing up the heart rate (if not, bring the resistance or the pace higher). Breaks at 1:14-1:26 and 2:05-2:45.

4) Metric, Gimme sympathy (3:55). Endurance sprints in 2nd at 0:45-1:20; 1:53-3:03; then, cadence down for last 50 seconds.

5) Ellie Goulding, Anything could happen (4:46). Straight hill climb. Do not reach a 10 of perceived exertion level. You have to be able to keep moving at a reasonable pace. Focus is on bring the knee up as soon as the pedal is at the bottom.

6) Of Monsters and Men, Mountain sound (3:31). Runs in 1st.

7) Estelle, American boy (4:45). Stabilizations in 2nd. This means that you have to engage your core, keep the hips steady (minimize the side to side “sweep”) and limit the up and downs of the body. Legs work like crazy! Quads asking for mercy? 😉

8) One Republic, Feel again (3:06). Bring up the resistance quickly four times (steep hill) then run for 20 seconds at 0:56 and 2:05. Bring resistance down one level in between.

9) Two Door Cinema Club, Sleep alone (3:58). Jogs on steady resistance in all positions.

10) Rihanna (Remiix Flashback), Diamonds (4:28). Move on to 3rd position and start increasing the resistance. Straight hill coming up. Finish seated.

11) Train, 50 ways to say goodbye (4:08). Sprints in 1st at: 0:45-1:12; 1:56-2:25; 2:58-3:52.

12) Alex Clare, Too close (4:17). Rolling hills. Finish the last minute and a half on a gradual decent to bring the heart rate down.

13) Yuna, Live your life (3:13). Cool down.

007 Spin

“Bond. My name is Bond.”


I am a long-time fan. I used to watch all the Bonds on TV with my mom as other families would watch The Sound of Music or any other holiday movie.

To celebrate Skyfall, which I still haven’t seen by the way (damn you, adorable daughter!), I created a routine around the most famous James Bond theme songs.

1. Garbage, The world is not enough (3:56). Warm-up.

2. Duran Duran, A view to a kill (3:35). Start on seated flat with gradual increases in resistance at 1:12 and 2:44.

3. A-Ha, The living daylights (4:14). Rolling hills in 2nd and 3rd, going from a level 7 to 9 of perceived effort. First increase at 0:40. Second stage and increase between 1:08-1:50; decrease. Third increase at 2:22-2:47; decrease. Last increase at 3:32-4:00.

4. Tina Turner, Goldeneye (4:43). Straight hill climb.

5. Chris Cornell, You know my name (4:03). Fast flats with crescendo (gradual and subtle increase in resistance levels) at 0:42-1:00-1:30; 2:00-2:18-2:48; 3:04-3:18-4:00.

6. Wings, Live and let die (3:15). Runs with resistance in 1st position at 0:48-1:22; 1:37-1:52; 2:36-3:02.

7. Madonna, Die another day (4:37). Jogging in 2nd position (level 6-7). Increase the pace between 0:47-1:10; 1:27-1:57; 2:21-2:52; 3:15-3:44. Finish with a 45 sec climb in 2nd (3:45-4:30).

8. Jack White feat. Alicia Keys, Another way to die (4:24). Stay in 2nd with resistance at 7-8. Attacks in 3rd at 1:02-1:18; 1:57-2:40; 3:18-4:10.

9. Oakenfold, James Bond theme (4:03). Jogging in all positions. Resistance at comfortable level (6-7).

10. Gladys Knight, License to kill (5:07). Hill climb. Finish in 3rd for the last 2 minutes.

11. Adele (Shahaf Moran remix), Skyfall (4:07). Sprints in 1st (S) with one to two levels of resistance (R) added after the sprints. S:0:47, R:1:19. S:2:15, R:2:30. S:3:28, R:3:56.

12. Shirley Bassey, Diamonds are forever (2:41). Cool down.

Happy Thanksgiving to all if I don’t have time to post before then!

Not your regular Halloween spin!

It’s been a few months. But I’m back!

I was away for many weeks. Abroad… One word: Croissants!

Then, I started working full-time again. But I kept my morning classes at 6AM and picked another weekly evening class. I am happy. It gives me balance.

I have been imagining new ways to make the site attractive and useful to a wider array: teachers, students, music lovers. But, instead of procrastinating, I thought it would be much better to post another routine (I have done many new playlists since June but never could find the time to update the blog!). What better than Halloween to do so?!

Because, as a student, I have always been turned off by holiday-themed rides. Always thought something was lost in the cohesion of the ride. Something cheesy took over. I have tried to make a playlist that one could use on any other day while still making it a Halloween ride…

…and while keeping the purpose of the ride: getting a real workout out of it. This one is about keeping the resistance up for 80% of the class, by never going lower than a level 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 except for two songs. Burning one mini-Twix I guess. We will get back to the subject of calorie-burning another time 🙂

Here is the ride:

1) Talking Heads – Psycho killer (4:29) : Warm-up

2) Ladytron – Destroy everything you touch (4:36) : Up in 2nd, increase the resistance every 45 seconds from level 5 to 8.

3) Florence + The Machine – Howl (3:34) : Fast flats.  Seat back in 1st and lower back to a flat, then increase the resistance and pick up the pace for 45 seconds. Do another set at higher resistance. Back off at 2:00. Pick it up again for 1 minute at 2:30.

4) The Ramones – Pet sematary (3:33) : Up in 2nd with some runs with resistance at 0:29-0:54; 1:18-1:44; 2:19-2:46.

5) Muse – Supermassive black hole (3:29) : Climb in 3rd. 45 seconds with added resistance, 45 seconds off but never lower than a 6. Finish at 8 and stay there for the beginning of the following song.

6) AWOLNATION – Kill your heroes (2:59) : Seat down. Runs in 2nd at 0:43-1:01; 1:23-1:43; 2:01-2:41. Seat in between the runs while trying to keep an upbeat cadence.

7) INXS – Devils’ party (3:26) : Back up in 3rd. Intervals of stabilization where the upper body is very stable and steady. Core engaged. Level 7. Intervals at 0:56-1:24; 1:55-2:33; 3:00-3:26.

8) The Black Keys – Howling for you (3:12) : Seat down in 1st and climb a straight hill.

9) Tom Jones and the Cardigans – Burning down the house (3:32) : Back up in 3rd position at a level 7. Keep climbing with increases at 0:46; 1:20; 2:00; 2:30. Then lower the resistance and start going down gradually at 3:00.

10) The Like – Wishing he was dead (2:52) : Seat in 2st position. Level down to 5-6. Enjoy! Sprints at 0:42; 1:37; 2:04.

11) Sugar Ray – Abracadabra (3:42) : Find a resistance slightly higher than a flat while standing and jog the song (same resistance through all positions).

12) Kelly Clarkson – What doesn’t kill you (stronger) (3:42) : Runs in 2nd positions. Resistance increases gradually from a 6 to an 8. Runs at 0:42-1:15; 1:40-2:20. Take the last sprint seated at 2:38-3:30.

13) Morcheeba – Living hell (5:52) : 2 min hill climb followed by a gradual downhill.

14) Dusk the Duo feat. Marine Donovan – We only come out at night (3:27) : Cool down!


Crazy Intervals Wednesday

It’s not Wednesday but I did this routine originally in my Wednesday early morning class, thus the title!

By the way, I am posting the new routines in different posts. I think they will be easier to search and find this way and, visually, more distinct and pleasant. My computer doesn’t seem to want or be able to display the Soundcloud windows tonight. Patience, I will deal with those tomorrow if it is still a problem.

Also, I promised three new routines. I will post the third one tomorrow. I am just exhausted at this point. As a foretaste, check out the Orchestra version of Martin Solveig Night out!

However, the video for the original song is even better (even if I prefer the Orchestra musical version). It sums up my early 20’s nights in Paris!

The following routine is a very aggressive routine (not for the faint of heart :). It requires several outbursts with lasting effects: i.e. resistance. Be ready to sweat!

1. Youth without youth – Metric (4:17). Warm-up.

2. I would die 4 you – Prince (2:59). Fast on flat.

3. Shout (Mustache remix) – Tears for Fears (4:41). Rolling hills.

4. Baby, come home – Scissor Sisters (3:01). Attacks in 2nd, level 7. 0:51-1:13. Increase resistance to 75%. Attack: 1:45-2:06. Increase resistance to 80%. Attack: 2:28-2:58.

5. Just what I needed – The Cars (3:43). Lower body isolations. No more up and down. Quads begging for mercy 🙂 0:46-1:02; 1:31-2:01; 2:34-3:08. Increase resistance in between sets.

6. Young blood – The Naked and Famous (4:07). Hill climb.

7. Burning for you – Shiny Toy Guns (4:46). Sprints at level 7. Stand in 2nd and sit for the sprints. 1:07-1:32; 2:30-2:56; 3:55-4:42.

8. Hollywood nights – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (5:04). Fast pace; level 6. Stand in 2nd and attack in 3rd. Increase resistance before; release after. Jog in between the two sets at 1:29-2:06 and 3:18-4:12.

9. I don’t care – Fall Out Boy (3:35). Sprints in 2nd standing at level 7: 0:45-1:10; 1:45-2:10; 3:00-3:33.

10. Die another day – Madonna (4:37). I told you I was rocking the Madonna songs lately! Straight hill climb here. Increases in resistance every 45 seconds.

11. You make my dreams come true – Hall and Oates (3:06). Jogs, alternating all three positions at level 6-7.

12. Eskimo boy – Strange Talk (3:52). Intervals: three levels of resistance at each positions (over a minute each).

13. Set fire to the rain (Moto Blanco remix) – Adele (3:59). Seated sprints on flats: 0:59-1:15; 1:43-2:12; 2:43-3:29.

Sorry, Going Fast, Spinning Fast

It’s not because I haven’t posted a new routine that I haven’t done a new routine in my classes. Actually, you are going to get three new playlists and routines at once because that’s how much I have ridden those past weeks. I have been subbing and adding new classes. It has been a blast. I can’t tell you how much I love the 6AM classes! Their energy is strikingly amazing to say the least. Unfortunately, I have to stop my mid-morning classes as I am going to work full-time, then travel, then (hopefully) work full-time again. Times are hard and I need the job. I will miss the times when I were running from one class to another, one assignment to the next, going nuts and driving too much but feeling so (soooo) free!

Before I get to the routines, I want to add a short message of condolences and recognition for a great soul that has been taken away too soon. Robert Rainey was the founder of a runners’ group in my neighborhood. He had been actively committed to the quest of health and physical activity for all. He was cruelly murdered less than a month ago. There is no fairness in death. There was even less of it in his case.

My recent routines have been a mix of old and new. I have really tried to enjoy my classes because, as instructors as well as students know, enthusiasm in such setting is contagious. I feed off my students’ energy but it is much easier when I am ready to have fun before the class even starts!… which is about 98% of the time: the two remaining per cents happening when I am deeply sick (cf. this past winter!).

1.Two step – Dave Matthews Band (6:27). Warm up in 1st. Leg drills (twice each leg, 30 sec each). Resistance starts at a level 5 and end at 7.

2. Without you – David Guetta feat. Usher (3:28). Steady 2nd at level 7.

3. I need a dollar – Big Gigantic (3:40). Rolling hills in 2nd and 3rd.

4. Don’t stop (Fat Rat Remix) – Foster the People (3:44). Sprints in 2nd at level 7. Two increases of energy each time. Timings: 0:43-0:59-1:25; 1:56-2:10-2:39; last has only one outburst at 3:08 until 3:38.

5. Sinnerman – Nina Simone (felix da House remix) (4:35). In sync with the tempo (about level 7). Isolate the legs and limit the up and down from 0:45-1:05, 1:35-1:55, 2:20-2:50, 3:33-3:53.

6. What doesn’t kill you – Kelly Clarkson (3:42). Sprints in 1st seated on flats:0:41-1:15; 1:40-2:14; 2:38-3:29.

7. Sorry – Madonna (4:43). Rediscovering the joy of listening to Madonna lately! Jumps in 2nd (level 7).

8. Paddling out – Miike Snow (3:41). “Crunches” in 3rd: move hips back to center 2 inches in rhythm with the beat of the songs preferably!

9. City lights – Sun City (3:42). Straight hill climb.

10. Lonely boy – The Black Keys (3:13). Still dreaming about Johnny Depp performing with them… Seated Sprints on flats: 1:02-1:25; 2:00-2:24; 2:45-3:08.

11. Walk – The Foo Fighters (4:15). Level 6 standing. Add resistance at 1:05. Double up the pace at 1:40-2:08. Sit and keep up with the pace at 2:08-2:49. Back to standing at 2:49, slightly back off the pace. Sprint again from 3:37 to 4:14.

12. Black and gold – Sam Sparro (4:34). Jogs in 2nd and 3rd on slightly above flats.

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